Exhibited in the Don Chapell Gallery
September 1 – 25, 2015

Exhibit Photography by Ryan Gamma
Exhibit Boards Courtesy of Guy Peterson | Office For Architecture

About the Exhibition 

“Architecture is not about a point in time. It is about how, through architecture, we experience the sunrise, the changing light throughout the day, and the sun setting. It is about what makes us feel good, what makes us feel joyful, and what makes us feel safe. It is about understanding how architecture changes between day and night, and how it is seen both from within and from a distance. It is about architecture not being defined by fashion, or by what is popular, but by honesty and timelessness. Architecture should be experienced, and it should have spirit. It is my hope that our architecture, through its undressed honesty, has, indeed, a NAKED beauty.”

The exhibit furthers the discussion and exploration of Peterson’s career from a young architect who boldly experimented and then firmly established his own physicality of architectural language. This language is deeply rooted in the experiential approach to his designs that provide surprise and discovery as one proceeds through the spaces.

The exhibit features photographs, architectural models, architectural drawings including original hand-drawn presentation drawings, sketches and progress drawings that display the creative process from conception to reality. The exhibit celebrates the publication of his book, Naked ? The Architecture of Guy Peterson.

Contributing essayist, Alfonso Perez-Mendez stated, “Guy Peterson’s careful manipulation of local light through simple devices, such as plane, volume, color, shadow, and vegetation, demonstrates that architecture can indeed remove most clothing and not in spite of, but because of, its nakedness be significant in the understanding of space.”


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Exhibition Events 

Naked: The Architecture of Guy Peterson Book Signing and Gallery Talk
September 10, 2015

Photography by Andrew Weis


Hawthorne House Tour
September 12, 2015


Architect Guy Peterson guided CFAS members on an exclusive tour of the Hawthorne House that is featured in his book, ?Naked: The Architecture of Guy Peterson.? The home features the landscape design of David W. Young of DWY Landscape Architects.

The home was constructed in 2005 and designed with a simple L-shaped plan that orients the major functions of the home toward a central courtyard with a swimming pool and exterior living space and enhanced by the current owners with the addition of a pool pavilion that continues the design logic.

With the simplest of means and minimalist interiors the design illustrates the “undressing” of Peterson’s architecture while elevating the house to a functional sophistication that provides the necessary privacy from the street in its urban setting and an expansive transparency in the private courtyards.