4 Site Lines: Architectural Views

4 Site Lines: Architectural Views

4 Site Lines: Architectural Views

The work of illustrator John Pirman and architectural photographers Greg Wilson, Ryan Gamma and Sean Harris

October 24 – December 7, 2019

In this group show, the individual vision of each artist shines in the gorgeous images of the classic mid-century modern buildings of Sarasota plus recent modern designs. In some cases there are two depictions of the same building, allowing direct comparisons as to how the artist’s viewpoint and the medium influence the way we perceive a subject.

Artist’s Statement:

John Pirman

When you subtract details from an image, you give it a kind of symbolic power. My designs are very architectural because they are based on geometry. Letting the image fuse with the background evokes a feeling, more than representing a particular image.


Greg Wilson

Architectural photography captures the essence of light and space unique to each professional assignment and highlights the features specific to a building or complex that the client values.


Ryan Gamma

Follow the light… that’s it. That’s all I’ve ever tried to do with my work. Whether it be photographing professional surfers or the built environment, the unique moments that light and composition create the narrative that is generated for the viewer. That narrative is the evocative connection that I strive to bring into every image.


Sean Harris

In images of architecture, I like to reflect moments when the spatial experience is resonating… to catch the spirit of place, and to present the personalities of buildings in their changing environments and moods. As a culture, we need the images to echo the artistry of the architects beyond the impermanence of their creations.