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The Scott Building

Future Home of:
Center for Architecture Sarasota
UF CityLab-Sarasota
AIA Florida Gulf Coast Chapter 

Sarasota, FL

Architects: Joseph Farrell, AIA and William Rupp, AIA
Photo: University of Florida Digital Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries
Rendering: Guy Peterson OFA

Located in downtown Sarasota at 265 S. Orange Avenue, the Scott Building is a significant surviving example of commercial architecture that was completed during the period of time that has since become known as the Sarasota School of Architecture. 

Award-winning and nationally recognized architects William Rupp and Joseph Farrell designed the structure in 1960. Their legacies as important masters in the Sarasota School of Architecture remain preserved in this building, one of the last remaining commercial or public projects in Sarasota designed by either of the architects.

Rupp and Farrell were commissioned by Clarence Scott in 1959 to design a commercial building that would serve as the new showroom for the Barkus Furniture Company and which also would include three separate units that could be leased as offices. Scott was interested in incorporating new technologies, such as precast concrete roof panels, and Rupp and Farrell were able to satisfy this request beautifully. The building is a one-story commercial structure designed in the International Style with a flat roof and open floor plan. The space measures approximately 7100 sq. ft., and features a precast concrete
structural system with terrazzo floors and exposed masonry, supports, and columns. There is a 7 foot overhang on Orange Avenue, and 9 foot overhangs on Morrill Street and the north side of the building to protect the openings. The overhangs feature articulated precast hollow ?I? sections developed by Farrell.

Please follow us as the Scott Building becomes the new Center for Architecture Sarasota in 2015.