BUILDING A DAY: October 26, 2014

Casa Del Cielo
Sarasota, Florida

Architect: Carl Abbott, FAIA
Photos: Provided by Carl Abbott, FAIA


In the canopy of trees, this beach house reads as a series of light, floating terraces supported on tall concrete columns. The vertical cylinder of space which runs the full height of the building visually anchors the structure to the site.

The forms of the house grow from dominant view lines to the beach and Gulf of Mexico. One terrace thrusts to the west to winter sunsets, the other terrace thrusts to the southwest to the end of the crescent shaped beach. Old existing trees, sun lines, openings for breezes, and walls to block winter winds were all design factors.

Note to our readers: For the last week we will be going back to Sarasota to the projects that were submitted by our local architectural firms and voted as some of our best current architectural projects by our Building A Day Committee.

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