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BUILDING A DAY: October 27, 2014

Sarasota County Area Transit
Sarasota, Florida

Architect: Architects Design Group
Photos: Provided by ADG

The Sarasota community is trying to breathe a new breath of life into their public transportation system by promoting Brand Identity and ridership through functional structural expression, use of color, and inspiring open air space. The long radial form allows for ease of bus access, limits crossing point of busses and people, but more importantly creates a large civic plaza on the south. The long arching form also presents an open gesture to the major entry point to the County Campus.

The campus master plan is centered around a ?Eco-Campus? Idea where all vehicle traffic is pushed to the outside and the internal campus is focused on reclaiming wetland and natural vegetation as a primary asset. This project will serve as a major catalyst for pedestrian and eco-friendly development. After various configurations for transportation vehicle approach, internal circulation, staging, pedestrian access, and campus master plan goals were analyzed, the resultant radial form proved to be most beneficial.

Transportation facilitates necessitate structured solutions. Open long spans with minimal column intrusions help to keep an open platform for clear views for both pedestrians and busses. This 280’ Spine is supported by 6 mast columns and tube steel supports that cantilever 40’ out over the driving area. Curtain wall was used in both clear and translucent to adjust for privacy and clear views.

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