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BUILDING A DAY: October 3, 2014

The Lido Casino
Sarasota, FL

Architects: Ralph Twitchell
Photos: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Joseph Janney Steinmetz, photographer

The Lido Casino, designed by renowned architect Ralph Twitchell, held its grand opening in December of 1940 and was exceptional in its Art Deco style which featured oversized cast concrete seahorses, glass block and murals of lush tropical scenes.

The two-acre site and 1,300 feet of beach frontage provided a beautiful backdrop for thousands of visitors with dining, dancing, shopping, and beach activities. The 1939 Roger Flory’s Visitors Guide touted, ?The Sarasota Lido beckons all who seek what Florida has most to give.? The casino, formally introduced as the Lido Beach Municipal Casino, flourished as the place that offered something to everyone.

The Lido Casino was torn down in 1969 and the only surviving remnant is the public swimming pool still in operation. Several of the recast concrete seahorses can be seen adorning locations around Sarasota including Foundation Park and at the William Hartman Gallery on Palm Ave.

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