BUILDING A DAY: October 31, 2014

Future Buildings As Interpreted By Children
Sarasota and Gainesville, Florida

Future Designers: Max, Leo, and Lilyanne Henderson, Ellie Nemmers, Woody Bryant
Drawings: Provided by Parents- Stuart and Tia Henderson, John and Laura Nemmers, John and Liana Bryant


Max Henderson – 12 years old

The Max Henderson-designed home is beautifully delineated and expresses a regional quality that is inspired by the Sarasota School of Architecture.

The house floats upon a stone core and the upper glass pavilion blurs the boundary between the interior and exterior living spaces. The siting and entry sequence is handled with great care and pays homage to the Florida landscape. Mr. Henderson’s design was especially sensitive to the preservation of the specimen tree on the site that provides scale and natural shade and sun protection for the structure.

?Arcatects for You? Architects Office
Leo Henderson – 8 years old

The ?Arcatects for You? office as designed by Leo Henderson includes detailed space planning and interior spatial relationships that allow for functional and practical application to accommodate the occupant’s needs.

The lobby is planned with a custom-developed secure control and access system ?were the arcatects come in and scan there i.d.? and the individual offices are designed to accommodate not only the technology of today but the future growth and development of the high tech needs of the architectural practice ?were the arcatects are provided the most high tect comperitures.?

The adaptive and interactive design provides a meeting space for creative interaction and according to Henderson ?the place were you have meetings and you think.?

?Donuts at Dawn? Donut Shop
Lilyanne Henderson – 8 years old

Lilyanne Henderson’s Donuts at Dawn Donut Shop design provides a reinterpretation of a classical structure in the modern context. The oversized coffee mug welcomes the patron while the modern interiors are reminiscent of the classic furniture designs from the Bauhaus.

Ms. Henderson’s architecture is inspired by the dynamics of the morning sun and its effect on the reflective quality of light in the modern structure to sculpt and define the space.

Multi-family Housing
Ellie Nemmers – 4 years old

The multi-family high rise building as conceived by Ellie Nemmers features a unique design that celebrates whimsy, warmth and human interaction.

Ellie Nemmers stated in an interview with her father, John Nemmers, that the overriding concept of her design was, ?People would really like to look out of flower-shaped windows,? and she placed ?a window in the chimney at the top so that people can see what is happening in the chimney.? The filtered light through the colored glass gives her work a special quality and is a wonderful gesture to transparency.

?The Chalk House?

Woody Bryant – 3 years old

The Chalk House as interpreted by Woody Bryant is defining architecture in an unconventional way by using chalk on asphalt.

This maverick approach challenges traditional drawing methods and its delivery has a beautiful organic quality that is referential to Frank Gehry’s early work.


Note to Readers:

We hope you have enjoyed our Building A Day Series during Archtober; our month-long celebration of architecture and design. We have enjoyed sharing our architectural heritage throughout Florida with our readers and welcome any comments you may have on this series or on future suggestions for Archtober 2015.

We invite you to join us in all of our upcoming exciting events and especially the Center for Architecture
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