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BUILDING A DAY: October 7, 2014

Sarasota High School
Sarasota, Florida

Architect: Paul Rudolph 
Photos: University of Florida Digital Collections. George A. Smathers Libraries


In 1958, Paul Rudolph designed the Sarasota High School addition as one of nine additions and renovations during the Sarasota Public School Construction Program led by Philip Hiss from 1955 – 1960. Designed to accommodate for Florida’s tropical climate, this building is characterized by it’s large openings for ventilation, shaded windows, oversized glass sliding doors, raised floor levels, flat root, and white concrete facade. 

In The Architecture of Paul Rudolph, Rudolph states, ?This building is intended to suggest the uniqueness of the Florida climate through carefully arranged sun shields and interior ventilating and lighting scopes. Its concrete structural frame is bent in such a way as to create hollow boxes at every bay, thereby accommodating an integral mechanical system. Planes in space which allow the building to be understood from great distances are utilized rather than the linear organizations of earlier buildings. The open-ended aspect of the building allows it to grow: thus the notion that no building is ever fixed and complete within itself is made clear.?

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