BUILDING A DAY: October 8, 2014

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
Sarasota, Florida 

Architect: Victor Lundy
Photos: Bluffton University, University of Florida Digital Collections. George A. Smathers Libraries



?In some of these lean years to keep from going out of my mind I’ve recaptured some of the innocence and original things I had about painting and sculpture. Really, I live several complete and different lives. First as an architect and then two nights a week I paint and two nights I sculpt. Through this means I’ve learned about young people and I’ve learned a great deal about architecture. For instance, one of the centers of architecture certainly is that it is sculpture. In fact, it is one of the biggest sculptures in the world.? 

—Victor Lundy
?Victor Lundy at the FAAIA Convention/October 1970,? Florida Architect, 1971 

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Sanctuary was completed in 1968 and was one of two structures designed by Lundy for the congregation; his earlier design for the Fellowship hall was completed in 1959. As with the Fellowship Hall he experimented with wood-laminate structural systems and the sculpting of space and architectural forms. 

Lundy designed the concrete structure with simple, soaring lines and an innovative roof design suspended by steel cables. The church’s exterior with its ?modern buttresses? encloses an interior with a soaring curved wood ceiling and an altar wall lit by sidelights and skylights. The sidewalls feature vertical stained glass windows.

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