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BUILDING A DAY: October 9, 2014

Sarasota City Hall 
Sarasota, Florida

Architect: Jack West
Photos: Sarasota County Historical Resources, University of Florida Digital Collections. George A. Smathers Libraries


Jack West combined monumentality and modernity in his Sarasota City Hall, designed in 1966.

Starting with a flat empty city block, West created a six foot high mound, placing the building on top to give it prospect and prominence befitting the center of democratic government. He designed a series of parking courts, stepped walkways and terraces leading up to the building that continues to step up in a series of clear geometric shapes.

West was especially proud of the sculptures, pools and fountains that contribute to the overall architectural urban park/civic experience.

West practiced in Sarasota from 1949 to his death in 2010, and his work is an important part of the development history of the community. West gave his archive to Sarasota County Historical Resources where it is available for research.

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