Unbuilt Rudolph

SAF Exhibit – Unbuilt Rudolph

SAF Exhibit – Unbuilt Rudolph

In Collaboration with Sarasota Architectural Foundation, Curated by Nathan Skiles

May 16 – June 15, 2019

Celebrating the 100 Anniversary of the birth of Paul Rudolph, the exhibit was first assembled and shown during the Sarasota Architectural Foundation 2018 MOD Weekend.

“This exhibit, consisting of high-quality reproductions of Paul Rudolph drawings from the Library of Congress, examines Rudolph’s architectural designs that never made it past the drawing board. The exhibition features 13 projects between 1948-1956, some in partnership with Ralph Twitchell (1890-1978), and others created during Rudolph’s independent practice in Sarasota.

All the projects are located in Florida, eight of them in Sarasota. The building types range from residential to civic to commercial, featuring houses, a church, and airport, retail facilities and a fraternity house. Many of the projects contain the seeds of architectural ideas that would later come to fruition in built works by Rudolph such as the Umbrella House, Walker Guest House, Sarasota High School and Milam Residence.”

2018 Sarasota Mod Weekend brochure.